Power Up Number 2

Youth Power-Ups #2

October 11, 2011 at 10:24pm 



It's like a phone call to your best friend.

At least that's what it's supposed to be like.

Who goes months or even years without having a decent two-way convo with their BFF?

Instead, we ask our Friend for things all the time.

Asking for a job

Asking for a good grade on a test

Asking for protection

Asking our friend for all these favors

Yet never even thinking of returning the favor.


He doesn't ask for much, you know.


He said that if you love Him

Keep His commandments.

If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend

You'll remain faithful to her/him

Why not to God?


This week I had a quiz in a class that's been giving me a lot of trouble.

I studied like crazy.

Started panicking a little bit right before I started taking it.

I said a rote prayer

I know I should've meant it more than I did.

But once I started the exam

Everything that I studied flashed back into my memory.

My parents always told me

That if I reviewed for a test properly

And prayed before taking it

The Holy Spirit would bring back to my memory anything that I might've forgotten

And that's what happened.

I was so stressed before the exam

But then I became perfectly calm.

I wrote my answers on the test sheet

Handed it in

And felt perfectly at peace.

I got the results for it

And I aced it


I was so happy I couldn't stop saying "Thank you, Jesus" under my breath


This caused me to think about all the times I've asked God for things

And He granted my wishes

When I didn't deserve them.

Sometimes I don't even give him the praise that He deserves.

I realized that I've been treating my Best Friend rather badly

So I decided to start stepping it up a bit

And I invite the readers to do the same

Give God the praise He deserves

Treat Him the way He deserves to be treated.

(This original piece was written by one of our youth, LJ Bartley. It can also be found on our FB page)

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