Power Up Number 1

October 9, 2011 at 11:52pm


It's what makes me different from you.

The way you look, the way you dress, the way you talk, your personality...

All those things come together to form who you are.


Imagine walking around your school

And you see everybody looking exactly like you.

Wearing the same exact outfit.

Listening to the same exact music.

Rocking the same exact hairstyle.

You wouldn't feel very special, would you?

I know I wouldn't.



It's a blessing given to us by God.

But unfortunately, it can easily be misused and abused

So that it turns into a curse.

Just because I look a certain way

Doesn't mean that I'm better than you.

Just because you like your style of music

Doesn't mean that it's better music.


People have ego trips sometimes.

They all of a sudden start feeling like they're all that.

That they're all important or whatever.

They start emphasizing their views over yours.

And they start excluding you from their group of similarly minded people.


This situation seems to play itself out in almost every facet of life.

In school

On the job

Within the family

Even within the church.

People's heads get so swelled up

That they even start attacking anybody who goes against their beliefs.

Ever watched the news lately?

That's exactly how dictatorships start.


So why do people do that?

The source of that behavior can be linked to one individual

Look back as far as you can.

Before the Flood

Before the Garden of Eden.

Back when Satan was named Lucifer

And when he was one of the most glorious angels

One of the archangels.

Over time, lots of pride grew in his heart

He didn't just want to be like God

He wanted to be above Him.

He forced his views on other angels around him.

He formed an army to work against God and the angels that hadn't adopted Lucifer's thinking.

Pretty soon, his ego took over his logic and completely cut off his connection with God.

He was kicked out.


Now he's on earth trying to get people to do the same dirty tricks that he did while he was in Heaven.

He's making people think that they are better than everyone else

And that nobody else matters.

So do not fall for Satan's capitalizing on our diversity.

On our uniqueness.

Just because we were made different

Doesn't mean that you're better than anybody else

Or that you are inferior to anybody else either.


Inspired by CQ, the quarterly for college students. October 9, 2011 (page 30).

This original piece was written by one of our youth, LJ Bartley. ©

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