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A message from the Stewardship Department

Did you know that with a simple click of the button, you can return your tithe and offering via the "online giving" link on our website? Online giving is so simple and it eliminates the need to write up a check, find a tithe envelope, and then to remember to drop it in the offering plate. Try online giving today, you will not regret it. It recently got so much easier. You can now download and install the Adventist Giving app on your smartphone. The app can be found in the google play store and the Apple I-store, for free.

Did you know that the 10% tithe that you return is a command from God, Himself? That money is not yours. The tithe is a command but the offering is a suggestion. The tithe that you return, goes to the conference and is used to pay our pastors as well as pay other administrative costs. The offering is needed on the local level. Fort Lauderdale SDA Church relies on a generous, free-will, offering. Those funds are used to ensure our comfort. 

Imagine if Chris, our treasurer, was to stop paying all the bills. Let us say he stopped paying the water bill first. There would be no running water for you to drink and no water for your sanitary or hygienic needs. With not paying the water bill, he finds that he is not saving much, so he stops paying the electric bill. Imagine taking your shower and getting dressed in your Sabbath best, just to find out that there are no working air conditioning units in the entire building? You would not only be hot but you would be in the dark. If he stopped paying the janitorial staff, there would be filthy bathroom stalls and overflowing garbage. As our financial situation deteriorates, we would ultimately have to put up an "out of business" sign on our brand new sanctuary doors.

Brethren, what I painted was the worse case scenario, but it is not an impossible scenario. Let us be faithful to God and our local church by returning a faithful tithe and a generous offering.

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse that there will be meat in my house and PROVE me now herewith, saith the Lord of host..." Malachi 3:10

Go ahead! Prove Him!



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