Infinite Praise Mission Trip to Haiti

Infinite Praise’s Mission Trip to Haiti in Pictures
submitted by Pastor Jeffrey Thompson
 On June 22, 2014, Infinite Praise Choir of the Fort Lauderdale SDA Church traveled to Haiti with the Association Community of Development of Haut-Moustiques (ACPODAHM) on a mission trip. The main objective of ACPODAHM is to allow kids to have access to school, building a good irrigation system for the farmers, and improving the healthcare system in the area of Haut-Moustiques. Haut-Moustiques is approximately 6 hours NW of Port-Au-Prince.

The trip was a tri-fold project. The three project areas were construction, medical and educational. The construction aspect was working toward completing a cultural center for the community. Simply put, the community has no place for recreation, meetings, or receptions for any ceremonies. And so, Delton Francis, James Cooke, Garfield Lashington and Calvin Murray were more than happy to help out with the construction program.

The second part of the project was a one day clinic that was held with over 100 patients seen that day by Dr. Sylvia Sanderson, Nurse Suzette Marseilles and Tammy John. Moreover, Elder Colette Bewry-Cooke, Tasha Rachel, Carl Charles and Chablis Champagne played a pivotal role in registering patients as they entered the clinic.
The last part of the project was educational.  Hence, a one day workshop was held for the teachers of the community. Lisa Lashington, Tasha Rachel and Eleanor Sanderson met with 35 teachers from the area, they led out in a workshop, which focused on teaching strategies.

Similarly, on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 while the workshop was being held for the teachers, the remaining members of Infinite Praise sorted clothing, school supplies and toys for the community. A concert was held that afternoon, in the partially completed community center.  At the same time, the choir met with Sr. Borne, the oldest member of the community who is 107 years old. Afterward, the choir members distributed clothing, school supplies and toys to the members of the community.

"Sis. Eleanor Sanderson must be commended for her initiative in coordinating this much needed humanitarian mission trip, “said Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, church pastor.  He added, “Congrats Infinite Praise for your sacrifice and sense of mission.” 

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